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Most ISPs include only basic network support as part of their standard Internet service for problems with accessing its Internet service, such as dialup or broadband connection problems, user account or password problems and billing problems. Basic ISP support usually does not include problems with the user's computer, home network equipment or third-party services.

Some ISPs also sell premium support services for other problems not covered by their basic support. This may include installing additional software or hardware for the user, computer or network security, and repairing problems caused by viruses, spyware or intrusions in the user's systems.

In addition to ISP basic and premium support services, some ISPs also have a professional security services group. Professional services are typically purchased as part of an overall "solution" by commercial or institutional customers. The ISP's account team for commercial or institutional customers will have more details about their services.

Finally, there are many specialized security companies and consumer electronic companies not affiliated with ISPs which sell technical support services. They are not included in this list, but can be found with any search engine.

NOTE: Most ISPs only provide support for their own customers. You may want to consider what type of support is available when choosing an ISP.

Premium (PAID) ISP security support services

AT&T Support+
Live technical phone support for operating system/networking/virus/spyware issues.
Residential: $69-$99 per incident or $139 for 6 months
Business: $79-$109 per incident or $159 for 6 months
Cox techsolutions (San Diego)
Help with spyware and virus removal and prevention, setting up your wireless home network securely as well as software and computer setup
$59.95 for telephone support and $149.95 for in-home support
TELUS Internet Security
TELUS eProtect includes Anti-Virus, Personal Firewall and Anti-Spyware for complete online protection.
$4.95 per month (included free in some packages)
Verizon Premium Technical Support
Get help with many computer related issues not covered by Verizon's standard technical support
$9.99 per month

Basic (FREE) ISP security support services

AT&T Yahoo! Online Protection
Provides a suite of security products including anti-virus
AOL Internet Security Central
Set of tools to help keep you, your family and your PC safer from online threats
Cablevision Optimum Online security
Internet security pacakage
COGEGO Security Services
COGEGO Security Services include Anti-Virus, Firewall, Anti-Spam, Parental Control (Web Filtering), Pop-Up Blocker, Anti-Phising, Anti-Spyware, Cookie Protection and Internet Dial-Up Control. Included for most users, $2/month for "Lite" users.
Comcast security
Comcast security resources
EarthLink Security Center
Recommended safe practices and security software downloads
Embarq Internet Security FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions about Internet security
Google WiFi (Mountain View)
What can I do if I have a virus on my computer?
Microsoft 1-866-PCSafety
No charge support for Microsoft Windows virus and other security-related support in the US and Canada.
myTELUS Security Help
Frequently asked questions for security
Qwest Internet Help Security
Qwest is providing the information for customer service and education purposes only.

ISP Professional Services security support

AT&T Security Portal
A portfolio of enhanced network security to protect and secure your Internet/Intranet environments, and provide fast response to IP network attacks.
Level 3 Network Security
Level 3 is committed to helping our customers and fellow communications firms identify and solve potential network security problems.
Sprint Business
Leverage the security expertise of Sprint and its best-in-class partnerships for end-to-end integrated security solutions.
Verizon Business
Can help you secure your data, identities -- and your customers' confidence -- from desktop to device, along your network and around the world.


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