Timeline of events in the Domain Name System

This list includes significant events affecting the Internet Domain Name System (DNS) history.

Aug 1982
RFC 819 defines initial top level domain ARPA and initial schedule
Nov 1983
RFC 881 revised domain implementation schedule
Feb 1984
RFC 897 revised domain implementation schedule
30 May 1984
Test server running on USC-ISIF
21 Jun 1984
Druid server from SUMEX-AIM announced
28 Jul 1984
Test servers running on TOPS-20 (SRI-NIC, ISIB, ISIF)
Oct 1984
RFC 920 Domain Requirements published. Adds GOV, EDU, COM, MIL and ORG
Oct 1984
RFC 921 reviced domain implementation schedule
DARPA/DCA implements RFC 920, 921 (USC-ISI/SRI-NIC)
15 Mar 1985
Symbolics.COM registered
1 Apr 1985
Berkeley releases BIND
13 May 1985
One of two COM zones working, three of eight EDU zones working
28 May 1985
4.2bsd UDP checksum problems with BIND servers/resolvers
12 Jun 1985
ISIF no longer a root server. Now a test server for new code
28 Jun 1985
SRI-NIC and ISIB unreachable (no root servers reachable)
29 Jun 1985
Debug root-server down code
5 Jul 1985
Disk quota problem with NIC databases truncates files
14 Oct 1985
Database error making ARPA a separate zone in the root and ARPA domains
29 Oct 1985
Mockapetris publishes Top 10 list of things wrong with name servers
31 Oct 1985
Who's the root? Answer: Ask a nameserver
10 Dec 1985
Authority loophole in name servers (servers may be befuddled but don't lie)
26 Feb 1986
NIC zone serial numbers begin to increment (previously always 1)
10 Oct 1986
BIND 4.4 updated to store backup file on disk on secondary servers. Previously it was downloaded from primary every time named started, if primary didn't answer, secondaries denied the domain existed
21 Oct 1986
More root name servers requested (TOPS-20 machines preferred)
10 Nov 1986
ISIB retired from service, ISIA added as new root server
ARPANET congestion affecting traffic to root servers (all root NS on Arpanet)
Mar 1987
cs.ucl.ac.uk BIND, SATNET, EGP problems cause brl-aos to authortatively deny its existance
31 Mar 1987
Removal of all nondomain-style host names in NETINFO:HOSTS.TXT
19 Oct 1987
Where is France? Root zone contains wrong delegation for .FR
Oct 1987
Arpanet congestion now so bad sometimes no root servers are reachable
12 Nov 1987
Root servers now include SOA RRs to allow negative caching due to bogon load
18 Nov 1987
Retire C.ISI.EDU from root server duty. Add GUNTER-ADAM.ARPA, C.NYSER.NET TERP.UMD.EDU and NS.NASA.GOV. GUNTER-ADAM is JEEVES, the rest are BIND. "The changes should be invisible if you have set up your servers and resolvers properly." What happened: Almost all versions of BIND get a BUS ERROR or SEGV when it boots using a named.ca file listing C.ISI.EDU. Non-BIND nameservers continue working.
22 Nov 1987
C.ISI.EDU disconnected, doesn't stop clients from trying to use it
25 Dec 1987 through 4 Jan 1988
SRI NIC closed for Christmas holidays, including HOSTMASTER mail
7 Apr 1988
C.NYSER.NET moved to new network and location
20 Aug 1988
Where is Norway? Long TTL values for .NO hide new MX record through UUNET after Norway loses its satellite link for a couple of months
14 Sep 1988
Root name server bugs (TERP.UMD.EDU and NS.NASA.GOV)
26 Dec 1988 through 2 Jan 1989
SRI NIC closed for Christmas holidays, including HOSTMASTER mail
4 Feb 1989
BRL-AOS.ARPA over 1 week old data, C.NYSER.NET over 2 weeks old data
2 Jun 1989
TERP.UMD.EDU and C.NYSER.NET old data. SRI-NIC.ARPA only on ARPANET and MILNET, not available via NSFNET and is very congested
6 Apr 1990
NIC address retired, NS.NIC.DDN.MIL added as root
1 Jun 1990
NIC.DDN.MIL root service ends (last "original" root server)
26 Oct 1990
SRI-NIC.ARPA is back, bogus root cache corruption in BIND
26 Oct 1990
GUNTER-ADAM.AF.MIL removed for 1 month for maintenance and upgrading
1 May 1991
DDN NIC contract transfered from SRI International to GSI
28 Jul 1991
NIC.NORDU.NET appears as a root server in root-servers.txt (first non-US root server)
26 Mar 1992
Bogus "." contamination moevax.edu.tw (and many more for several years)
1 Jun 1992
Caching-only name server (BIND) hangs when forwarders unreachable
Slow connections/packet loss to NIC.DDN.MIL result in many different distribution problems. People report consistent 50%+ packet loss to NIC.DDN.MIL root name server.
15 Apr 1993
NS.INTERNIC.NET added to hints file NSI/GSI Internet connection upgraded from 56K to T1
21 Apr 1993
Root server list UDP packet size limit exceeded
31 Aug 1993
Bellovin suggests using pseudo-host root.net to pack server list
3 Apr 1994
AOS.BRL.MIL renamed AOS.ARL.ARMY.MIL (server name mismatch)
19 Apr 1994
Sprint employee registers the domain name MCI.NET (first namejacking?)
9 May 1994
KAVA.NISC.SRI.COM removed as a root name server
16 May 1994
NS1.ISI.EDU added as a root name server
18 Jul 1994
Bogus in-addr.arpa SOA/NS disrupts networks
28 Aug 1994
Malformed PTR entry in in-addr.arpa zone disrupts most (almost all) root name servers, many using old software
2 Sep 1994
NS.ISC.ORG added as a root name server
7 Oct 1994
C.NYSER.NET changed to C.PSI.NET
17 Oct 1994
Bogus NS records for COM zone polluting servers
15 Feb 1995
Recursion turned off on the last root name server with it enabled
4 Aug 1995
root-servers.net introduced into root zone ns.nasa.gov changed ip addresses ns.isc.org uses net 39 experiment address
1 Sep 1995
ns.internic.net changed to a.root-servers.net (last root-servers.net change)
13 Sep 1995
Leaked: NSI begins fee-based DNS registration Sep 18 1995
16 Nov 1995
f.root-servers.net address change at the end of net 39 experiment
May 1996
Guardian announced to protect names and server information
23 Jul 1996
g.root-servers.net root zone expired, bogus responses
22 Aug 1996
Bind/malformed record problems ".com<tab>com" (believed to be malicious)
8 Nov 1996
Bogus address for ns.uu.net (secondary name server for many other domains)
22 Jan 1997
root only root name servers J and K added
14 Feb 1997
h.root-servers.net loses COM zone and authoritatively denies it exists
28 Feb 1997
root only root name servers L and M added
12 Apr 1997
h.root-servers.net loses COM zone (again)
19 May 1997
k.root-servers.net moved to London LINX managed by RIPE/NCC
26 Jun 1997
i.root-servers.net loses COM zone
13 Jul 1997
Kashpureff corrupts DNS caches redirecting www.internic.net traffic
17 Jul 1997
Error during the generation of COM and NET zones at NSI truncates zone information
22 Aug 1997
m.root-servers.net moved to Japan managed by WIDE Project
11 Nov 1998
[fjk].gtld-servers.net giving NXDOMAIN response to queries for COM zone f.root-servers.net lame due to ISP problems at NSI
2 Jul 1999
NSI web site redirected to CORE with ICANN glue record
23 Aug 2000
Timing bug causes missing NS records for COM zone on a.root-servers.net
5 Nov 2002
J.root-servers.net address changed to a different network from A.root-servers.net (first change to root server list after Dr. Postel's death)

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